Tested: A Drug Test Basic Guide

Drug Test

In most parts of the world, drug tests are performed to see if there are harmful substances lurking inside the bodies of athletes, job applicants, or even students. Since the use of drugs, such as marijuana, have skyrocketed over the years, the importance of drug tests became evident than ever.

For your basic guide, this article will present everything there is to know about drug tests--- types, cost, and even accuracy--- so that when the time comes for you to be examined, you have a better and wider perspective about drug tests.

Type of drug test

Drug test types

In most cases, there is only one type of drug test used in hospitals and medical centers. However, there are other methods to determine if you have drugs mixed in your system.

Urine Drug Test

Urine Drug Test

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Blood Drug Test

Blood Drug Test

This type of drug testing is the most accurate of them all--- although it can be expensive. Through blood screening, presence of drugs (such as Cannabinoids) can be easily and correctly detected. In addition, this method is usually performed in investigations about accidents or for health/life insurance.

Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug Test

Testing of drug presence using hair strands is a dependable, yet expensive and time-consuming, method that is rarely used by medical centers. It works by dissolving about 50 strands of hair into a series of solvents, then examining it using the two-step process, Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectometry.

Some of you might ask: how exactly are drugs detected in hair strands?

Simple answer: upon consumption of drugs, its metabolites are circulated around the blood. As this happens, they penetrate the scalp’s blood vessels and are then filtered through each strand of the hair. As a result, these drug metabolites stay in the hair for a long time--- long enough to become permanent evidence of drug use.

Perspiration Drug Test

Perspiration Drug Test

This type of drug test is primarily used in people who are on parole or probation. The perspiration drug test works by making the subject wear a specific patch for a period of time, which detects drug presence excreted through the person’s sweat..

Saliva Drug Test

Saliva Drug Test

This method of drug testing has a very limited detection power, for it can only determine currently-consumed drugs. For example, a study confirmed that saliva testing can only detect cannabinoids after 4-10 hours of consumption. It is still reliable, but cannot be used as often as the other tests.

How Much For A Drug Test?

How much for a drug test

In the United States, the cost for a drug test (urine, hair, saliva, etc.) usually varies, depending on the type of test or the level of a certain company.

For example, OHS, Inc., a company with clients in 50 US states, offers drug test that cost $28 (minimum) to $42 (maximum). On the other hand, most laboratories typically charge $50-$80 for urine or saliva drug tests, and $100-$650 for hair or blood drug tests.

Meanwhile, supermarkets also offer "do-it-yourself" at home drug tests for low rates. For instance, Walgreens has an "at home" urine drug test for only $10, while Drugstore.com offers the same thing for $28. However, these rates tend to increase, depending on the type that you will purchase (6-type drug test, 12-type drug test, etc.)

How Accurate Are Drug Test?

How Accurate A Drug Test

In general, all types of drug test are not 100% accurate. Even the blood drug test, the most precise of all methods, is not completely accurate most of the time.

However, this does not mean that taking a drug test is a total waste of time. Even if they are not 100% correct, all types of drug screening are very helpful in determining if a person if intoxicated with illegal substance or not. Yes, false positives are inevitable in all drug tests, but all hospitals and health centers ensure that the final results will still be fair and truthful in all sense. This is where second tests and confirmation screenings come in.

In all cases, if a drug test result comes back positive, then a second test will be conducted in order to determine if it is a false one or not. This puts the integrity and accuracy of a drug test in line again, making sure that it delivers 99%, if not 100% accurate outcomes.

Are You Ready To Be Tested?

Ready for Drugtest?

Drug tests are very helpful tools in determining illegal substances inside the body, not only for your future employers or bosses, but also for you.

Nowadays, it is easy to be injected with drugs without you noticing, so a simple urine drug test (or others, if you can afford it) might come in handy. Be safe!